Journeys: New Jewish Music by Sy Kushner Vol. 2 (CD)

Journeys: New Jewish Music by Sy Kushner Vol. 2 (CD)

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This CD, the second of original works by Sy Kushner, illustrates the diversity of his music. From the majestic “March” to the reflective and unsettling “Tranquillatease”, from experiments in time in “The Meter is Running”, “Pentaklez”, and “3(+1)”, to the klezmer bass piece, “To D.J. from S.K.,” Sy displays great variety in his musical palette. There is also a piece dedicated to The Bronx, New York neighborhood in which he grew up (“Soundview Waltz”). The soulfulness and spirituality of “Kush Nigun” shows the Chassidic connection in Sy’s music. Influences ranging from rock in “A is C” to both klezmer and Israeli folk dance in “Back to A” are present on this CD. Sy takes us on a multifaceted musical journey but always with Jewish sensibilities. So fasten your seatbelt and come along for the musical journey.

You may also purchase this album in mp3 form.  CLICK HERE for the entire album.

Performed by: Aaron Alexander: Drums, Percussion
Jeff Ausfahl: Acoustic Guitar
Jeremy Brown: Violin
Marty Confurius: Electric and String Bass, Cello
Ron Horton: Trumpet
Aaron Kushner: Alto Saxophone
Sy Kushner: Accordion, Keyboards
Ken Maltz: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Mike Coon: Electric Guitars
George Zorko: Trombone
List of tunes:
Freilach No.2
March No. 2
Suite in A
Kush Nigun
Soundview Waltz
Take 3(+1)
To DJ from SK
In Asia Minor
A Chusedl
Pentaklez Blues
A is C
Back to A
Doina No.2
The Meter is Running