...from my soul... New Jewish Music by Sy Kushner Vol. 3 (CD)

...from my soul... New Jewish Music by Sy Kushner Vol. 3 (CD)

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…from my soul… marks the third CD release of a series of original Jewish music by Sy Kushner. Along with music influenced by traditional Israeli, Chassidic, and klezmer music, there is a square dance-influenced tune with klezmer influences (Hoy Down), a Middle Eastern influenced tune (Terkush) and a klezmer version of Happy Birthday (Happy Bulgarday). There is also a piece composed in tribute to Israeli folk dance giant of the ‘60’s, Fred Berk, who was instrumental in teaching and choreographing a generation of people at the 92nd Street Y in New York City (Thank You Fred). The CD closes with a 10 minute suite of variations on Hatikvah, the Israel National Anthem. Departing from the traditional clarinet centered klezmer album, this CD features Sy on accordion backed by some of New York’s finest klezmer musicians. We hope this CD takes you to nostalgic places as well as to new musical adventures.

Performed by: Aaron Alexander: Drums
Jeremy Brown: Violin
Marty Confurius: Electric and String Bass, Cello
Richard Khuzami:  Dumbek, Riq, Bendir
Aaron Kushner: Alto Saxophone
Sy Kushner: Accordion
Ken Maltz: Tenor Saxophone
Todd Schwartz: Trumpet
Mark Sganga: Acoustic Guitars
George Zorko: Trombone
List of tunes: 1.  Freilach No. 23
2.  March No.1
3.  Chusedl No. 6
4.  A Waltz in d
5.  Terkush
6.  A Minor Chromaticism
7.  Reflections
8.  Thank You Fred
9.   Israhora No. 6
10.  Horalgar
11.  Happy Bulgarday Two Two You
12.  Chusedl and Freilach No. 5
13.  Hoy Down
14.  Freilach No. 21
15.  Pentafreygish Freilach
16.  Hatikvariations