KlezSqueeze! The Sy Kushner Jewish Music Ensemble (CD)

KlezSqueeze! The Sy Kushner Jewish Music Ensemble (CD)

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This CD features Sy Kushner on accordion, Alexander Fedoriouk on tsimbl (hammered dulcimer), Marty Confurius on bass and special guest artist Ken Maltz on clarinet. The group was committed to the preservation of traditional klezmer music. Sy’s goal was to recreate the early klezmer ensemble sound. The recording was achieved through a distinctive collaboration among three virtuoso musicians who recreated an old sound that is refreshingly new.

You may also purchase this album in mp3 form.  See below for individual tracks, or CLICK HERE for the entire album.

List of tunes:
Sadegurer Khusedl Buy the mp3
Drohobitsher Khusid Buy the mp3
Der Heisser-Tartar Dance Buy the mp3
The Philadelphia Sher Buy the mp3
Lustige Khasidim Buy the mp3
Shulem’s Bulgarish Buy the mp3
Odessa-Bulgar Buy the mp3
Di Rayze Nukh Amerike Buy the mp3
Fun Taslikh Buy the mp3
Dovid’l Bazetst Di Kale Buy the mp3
Tants A Freilach Buy the mp3
Baym Shotzer Rebbe Oif Shabes Buy the mp3
Naftule Shpilt Far Dem Rebn Buy the mp3
Nor Gelebt, Nor Gelakht Buy the mp3
Zeydn’s Tants Buy the mp3
Russian Sher Buy the mp3

Many of these tunes can be found in the Klezmer Fake Books One and Two.